Aegean Shipping Enters Agreement With COSCO Group To Welcome 4 Vessels To The Fleet

Aegean Shipping Management has exercised the option for the acquisition of the 3rd vessel in continuation to the agreement with COSCO Heavy Industry (Yangzhou) Co. Ltd. for the construction of two (2) plus one (1) AFRAMAX tankers, back on 30th September 2020.

At the same time, an LOI for an additional 4th vessel was signed too.

With the addition of these four vessels in Aegean fleet, it will be a consecutive new‐building order of 12 vessels the Company has placed with COSCO Group in the last 4 years, totaling a fleet of 15 vessels.

Aegean Shipping - Green Attitude - Aframax
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As of today, Aegean Shipping Fleet consists of vessels built only by the Company, no resales neither second-hand vessels.
All Aegean Shipping vessels and especially the new acquisitions are certified with the highest ECO-friendly class notations enhancing our commitment to the protection of the Environment and strengthening the “Green Fleet” perspective governing our operations.

The four vessels will be delivered sequentially, starting June 2022, the first, and completing with the 4th on March 2023. On completion of the project in March 2023, the average fleet age Of AEGEAN will be 2,9 Years.

Mr. Melissanidis has stated that he is proud of the Aegean Shipping team who are working tireless and have placed enormous effort and contribution to materialize the principal’s vision.


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