Adnavem Enables Sustainable Container Shipping By Launching Greenest Choice

The tech company is launching a new service on its online marketplace allowing companies to easily identify the greenest route and consciously choose transport modes with the least impact on the environment.

Many transport buyers are looking for ways and techniques to influence the choice of transport routes and modes of transport in favor of the environment. Many producing companies want more than a report on CO2 emissions after a shipment has reached its destination.

By using different data sources and unique algorithms, Adnavem offers functionality that identifies the greenest routes, with the least environmental impact, enabling the transport buyer to make more conscious and sustainable choices.

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“Having access to the ‘greenest’ routes is something that many transport buyers have asked for. It´s very satisfying to be able to offer that along with our other services. Adnavem is easily integrated into most companies’ logistics processes and many companies are already enjoying the marketplace to search, book and manage their container freight online”, says Andreas Wramsmyr CEO & founder of Adnavem.

Book transport routes with the least environmental impact

The calculation methods used, allows transport buyers to view a ranking, based on environmental impact, of the transportation options available for their container freight need. The calculations are based on individual ships’ previous environmental performance and activity i.e. GPS positioning, route, cargo mass and speed.

The calculation is based on the entire transportation chain door-door, including the combination of land specific factors for land and rail transport. The aim is to allow the transport buyer to choose a transportation option with a history of less impact on the environment than other options.

Icebug ships digitally and sustainably

The shoe company Icebug is one of Adnavem’s users that are always looking for new methods and ways to benefit from digitalization. Since 2018, they have been planning and booking all their importing volumes on the Adnavem Marketplace.

“At Icebug’s we actively work with sustainability and minimizing the negative effect on the climate.
Adnavem has easily been integrated into our logistics processes and the fact that Adnavem now introduces
functionality that allows us to see the environmental impact in advance and allow us to affect our transport
emissions is fantastic. This is a huge business benefit to us and makes a strong solution from
Adnavem even stronger”,

James Varkey, CFO at Icebug.

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