ACTU And MUA Launch New Campaign To Save Australian Shipping

The ACTU and MUA launched a new campaign on the lawns of Parliament House in Canberra to save Australian shipping, on 5th September. Under the Abbott/Turnbull Government’s watch, we now have zero Australian–crewed tankers and the number of Aussie-flagged vessels has continued to decline.

The only “reform” bill presented to the Parliament by this Government was for total deregulation of coastal shipping, with the Government’s own Regulatory Impact Statement showing 93 per cent of jobs in the sector would be lost.

ACTU And MUA_Save Australion shipping
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MUA rank and file seafarers from The CSL Thevenard, The CSL Melbourne and MV Portland will be joined by 4 miners from the Oaky Creek Glencore Dispute and supportive MPs and Senators at today’s event.A new website Save Australian Shipping – Take Back Our Coast, the name chosen by MUA members, will also be launched.

This site will be used as an information point to keep members updated and assist the union with grass roots activism throughout shipping, all the way until the next federal election.


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