Abu Dhabi Gets Next-Gen Marine Research Vessel ‘Jaywun’

On Friday, Abu Dhabi officially introduced a next-gen marine research ship for monitoring sea life and combating the impacts of climate change in the Gulf.

‘Jaywun’, a 50-meter ship built by the emirate’s environment organization EAD, was reportedly launched by the Chair, Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al-Nahyan.

The vessel could have a crew of 30 individuals and has been equipped with advanced equipment, including about six laboratories and a remotely operated submersible.

Abu Dhabi Research Ship
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Jaywun, a reference to a valuable pearl, will operate in the territorial waters of UAE waters in the Sea of Oman and Arabian Gulf, permitting EAD to study the fisheries and environment in waters deeper than 10 meters.

The Emirates News Agency mentioned that Jaywun could strengthen global and national marine science and monitor and assess the environment and the effects of climate change on biodiversity.

Sheikh Hamdan mentioned that the research would be led by a specialized team of environmental experts who will apply the considerable collective knowledge and work toward developing a deeper understanding of the whole marine environment and formulate a set of responses to any kind of threats.

He explained that the research would also offer a reliable scientific foundation to deal with the marine environment. The vessel will further enable EAD to monitor and preserve marine biodiversity and fish stocks.

Jaywun will also be supporting environmental initiatives, such as the Blue Carbon Assessment Project dedicated to Oceanic Fisheries – the first survey in the region to help the UAE’s goal to be carbon neutral by 2050.

The plan further includes establishing a DNA baseline for the main fish species of the UAE while thoroughly studying the genome sequences of over ten major fish species.

Jaywun will assess stocks in the country’s waters this year by collecting marine organisms and using sonar surveys.

The vessel started a one-month maiden voyage in November and crossed Europe, Asia, and Africa, including the waters of 25 nations and eight regional seas, spanning over 10,000 km.

Dr Shaikha Salem Al-Dhaheri, Secretary-General of EAD, said that the vessel would play a vital role in developing strategies and management plans to establish the recovery and sustainability of fish stocks.

Captain Mohammed Juma Al-Shamsi, the MD and Group CEO of AD Ports Group, mentioned that they are happy to see SAFEEN Group managing, operating, and maintaining this research vessel. 

That reflects technological advancement, growing capabilities, and an active role in supporting advanced scientific research.

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