ABS To Enter Final Phase Of Subsea Ammonia Storage Testing

ABS is providing new technology qualification (NTQ) services for game-changing subsea ammonia storage technology from NOV Subsea Production Systems.

The 200-cubic-meter prototype subsea storage unit (SSU) is en route to NOV’s testing facility in Norway where large-scale product validation tests are planned for later this summer.

The subsea storage system is part of a Joint Development Project (JDP) that includes ABS, NOV Subsea Production Systems, Equinor, The Research Council of Norway, and The Net Zero Technology Centre. This project unites a group of industry leaders actively enabling an economical subsea storage solution for the market.

John McDonald, ABS Executive Vice President and COO, with Marius Bjørn, NOV Business Director. Image Credit: ABS.

The subsea technology brings a new and unique solution for the safe storage of larger volumes of fluids such as ammonia and other maritime e-fuels, enhanced oil recovery (EOR) chemicals, and production chemicals.

For more information about subsea energy storage systems from NOV, visit here. More information on ABS NTQ services and ABS support for the use of Smart technologies is available here. For more details on ABS services related to subsea solutions, visit here.

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