ABS Publishes Insights On Vessel Connectivity Technologies

The demands on vessel connectivity driven by smart, autonomous and remote-control functions are explored in the latest addition to ABS’ industry-leading series of guidance on key maritime technologies.

Insights into Vessel Connectivity discusses communication technologies available and provides guidance to vessel owners, operators and system vendors in ensuring they are equipped to meet current and future demand. The publication reviews the relevant regulations and industrial standards on vessel connectivity, as well as future technology development and challenges.

vessel insights
Image Credits: ABS

“The ship-to-shore interface is the location of some of maritime’s most dynamic change and as the demands on the technology grow ever greater, so is its importance to vessel operations and safety. As a leader in supporting the adoption of smart technologies at sea and with experience in pioneering autonomous and remote-control projects around the world, ABS is well placed to assist the industry with this vital technology,” said Patrick Ryan, ABS Senior Vice President, Global Engineering and Technology.

Reference: ABS

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