ABS Issues Industry-Leading Guide Advancing DC Power For Hybrid Electric Applications

ABS published the ABS Guide for Direct Current (DC) Power Distribution Systems for Marine and Offshore Applications (DC Power Guide), developed to support safe application of hybrid power in the marine and offshore industries. “Demand for energy efficiency and sustainability continues to drive innovations, leading to new developments in the marine and offshore industries,” said ABS Chairman, President and CEO Christopher J. Wiernicki. “We are focused on developing practical guidance and solutions that help usher in new concepts and advance the latest technologies.”

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New hybrid systems offer renewable energy opportunities that support a different approach to power distribution. The DC Power Guide provides practical steps to help enable safer installation and integration of a DC power distribution system on board a marine vessel or offshore asset.

The Guide lays out requirements for design, installation, testing and survey of DC power distribution systems. Design requirements cover all major considerations, including functionality, voltage variances, computer-based systems, power quality, earthing, materials, clearance and creeping distances, and enclosures.

“In recent years, we have seen increased interest in using hybrid power concepts in the ship and offshore assets,” said ABS Senior Vice President of Technology and Engineering, Derek Novak. “DC power distribution is an important enabler for new hybrid concepts and this Guide will support safer and more effective installation of these systems.”

ABS is an industry leader in providing guidance to support safe development and deployment of hybrid power. This Guide is the third in a series on hybrid electric power systems following the ABS Guide for Use of Lithium Batteries in the Marine in Offshore Industries and the ABS Guide for Use of Supercapacitors in the Marine and Offshore Industries. ABS also issued the ABS Advisory on Hybrid Electric Power Systems, which takes a measured approach to evaluate potential advantages and disadvantages, challenges and level of readiness for primary hybrid electric power systems and components most suited for marine and offshore applications.

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