ABS And Keppel To Demonstrate Digital Leadership With World’s First Smart Bunkering Vessel

ABS and Keppel Offshore & Marine are continuing their pioneering application of digital technologies by integrating Smart functions into the world’s first smart LNG bunkering vessel – FueLNG Bellina, equipped with Keppel O&M’s proprietary AssetCare Digital Solution.

ABS was selected by FueLNG Pte Ltd, to class the vessel, which will feature notations for Smart Infrastructure (Smart INF) and Crew Assistance and Augmentation (Smart CAA). Obtaining these notations form an integral part of the digital tools tailored by AssetCare to support FueLNG in enabling remote monitoring and real-time support of vessel operations, as well as predictive maintenance, which increases the vessel performance and efficiency.

The digital innovation has also extended to the construction and commissioning process for this vessel. One example is the use of Smart glasses for remote inspection, which increase yard efficiency while improving workforce safety throughout the inspection process especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

ABS Representation
Representation Image – Credits: eagle.org

“Already a landmark project due to its importance to Singapore’s future as a global LNG bunkering hub, the addition of smart technology to the vessel makes it a milestone in the technological development of the industry as well,” said Patrick Ryan, ABS Senior Vice President, Global Engineering and Technology. “The smart functionality builds on the work we have previously done in this area with Keppel in the development of the industry’s first two new-build drilling rigs with smart notations. Together we are setting the pace in digital innovation in the marine and offshore industries.”

“We are proud to deliver the industry’s first LNG bunkering vessel with Smart Notations to FueLNG. Keppel O&M has been developing digital solutions for offshore and marine assets in recent years and our AssetCare solution reflects our commitment to leverage smart functions and technologies to continue creating value for our customers. We are glad to collaborate with ABS in spearheading this digital innovation in the offshore and marine space,” said Tan Leong Peng, Managing Director, Keppel O&M, New Builds.

The 7,500-cubic-meter LNG bunkering vessel will be owned and operated by FueLNG Pte Ltd. The vessel, which will be Singapore’s first LNG bunkering vessel, will be based in the Port of Singapore and will supply large ocean-going LNG-fueled vessels throughout the region.

“With this industry’s first smart LNG bunkering vessel, FueLNG Bellina enhances our value offering to global customers as we provide safe, cost-efficient, and reliable LNG bunkering solutions. The vessel’s digital tools, such as AssetCare, not only improve vessel performance and maintenance but also enable the end-to-end digitalization of the bunkering process which enhances efficiency, reliability, and convenience for customers,” said Saunak Rai, FueLNG General Manager.

Prior to this, ABS has recognized Keppel as the first shipyard to integrate Smart Functions and Services into rigs. The two rigs utilize data collected from a range of sensors monitoring machinery and structural health to improve their performance.

Reference: cision.com

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