ABS Advanced Solutions Partners With Mission Secure To Deliver New Cyber Tech

ABS Advanced Solutions (ABS) announced a partnership with Mission Secure™ Inc. (MSi) to provide more comprehensive and streamlined cyber protection. Building on the success of the FCI Cyber Risk™ Methodology, integration of the MSi platform gives ABS clients significantly enhanced cyber defence of industrial control systems that operate modern day vessels and offshore platforms.

Cyber Security
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FCI Cyber Risk™ Methodology provides the industry with a simple and practical way to count and quantify risk. Integrating the MSi platform with the FCI Cyber Risk™ method delivers a comprehensive shared understanding of cyber risk across assets, in combination with continuous 24/7 network monitoring and protective solutions. The platform is powered by an onboard or cloud-based dashboard for centralized management at all levels.

“ABS shines a spotlight on cybersecurity vulnerabilities using the FCI Cyber Risk™ method and MSi drops in the technologies required to protect clients’ critical functions,” said Dennis Hackney, ABS Senior Advisor, Cyber. “Essentially, we accurately point out cybersecurity exposures using the FCI Cyber Risk™ method and MSi provides the technologies to close those gaps.”

“ABS and MSi bring unparalleled history and experience in shipping and offshore. The combination of ABS’s cyber risk services and MSi’s patented industrial control system cybersecurity solutions provides asset owners and operators precisely what they need today to strengthen shipboard and on-platform cyber protections,” said David Drescher, CEO Mission Secure, Inc.

Rather than a one-size fits all approach, ABS offers a solution designed to respond to individual clients’ needs, whatever the maturity of their cyber program. For ABS clients using the Nautical Systems marine-focused ERP solution, this serves as an extension to allow more data-driven insights that enable smart decision-making and swift incident response.

The ABS FCI Cyber Risk™ Methodology was developed following a two-year research contract with the Maritime Security Center—a U.S. Department of Homeland Security Center of Excellence—led by Stevens Institute of Technology and including the US Department of Defense.

Reference: eagle.org

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