About 3000 Guests And Crew Stuck After Positive COVID Case Confined Them In Cabins

A crew and 3,000 passengers are disembarking Dream Cruises ship on Wednesday after having been confined in cabins after a passenger had tested positive for Covid-19.

All passengers and crew aboard the three-night cruise in Singapore had to isolate in respective cabins with only some essential crew members permitted to move in the ship.

The guest had taken a rapid antigen test before boarding the cruise that had a negative report. Contact tracing showed that the guest had been in close contact with an affected individual. The guest had to immediately isolate and had tested positive on Tuesday.

The guest’s companions had tested negative for the same deadly virus. They are expected to disembark from a route separated from that of other passengers, along with others who had come in contact with the guest. The passenger who had tested positive had disembarked hours before the crew and other guests.

World Dream - Dream Cruises Singapore
Image Credits: Dream Cruises

Contact tracing had been conducted by tracking guests’ keycards, wearable devices, and CCTV footage. Other guests now have to fill in contactless self-check-out forms before they leave their rooms. While disembarking, they have been mandated to take a rapid antigen test at the Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore.

Guests have been asked to remain confined in their cabins until Dream Cruises call them to disembark. There were 1,249 crew members and 1,646 passengers on board the ship.

The cruise line has cancelled a two-night cruise that had been scheduled to commence on Wednesday. This is the cruise line’s first positive Covid-19 test since it set sail in November 2020. World Dream has a record of 103 sailings with more than 130,000 passengers as of July 11.

Reference: forbes.com

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