987 Of 1418 Ships Sold To Dirty And Dangerous Breaking On Beaches In 2018/2019

These past two years the NGO Shipbreaking Platform has won support for sustainable ship recycling in the financial sector while raising the stakes for shipowners who opt for substandard shipbreaking on South Asian beaches.

Effectively exposing the conditions behind the greenwash of the Indian yards, while our member organizations empowered workers in Bangladesh, we were thrilled last year to see new laws enter into force that will deter ship owners from dangerous scrapping in favor of sustainable ship recycling.

Thanks to the support of our funders, Board of Directors, Members, Partners, and individuals that have backed our work in 2018/2019 and beyond, we have been able to reach some of the important milestones of our campaign!

Shipbreaking Report 2018-2019
Image Credits: shipbreakingplatform.org

As we move forward, the Platform has an important role to play in promoting solutions that encompass the respect of human rights, corporate responsibility, and environmental justice. To ensure that safe and clean ship recycling becomes the norm and not the exception, the Platform will continue to inform policymakers, financial and corporate leaders, as well as researchers and journalists. Change in shipbreaking will come through leadership, incentives, and accountability.

We remain optimistic in this challenging time, and, more than ever, we are committed to working with vulnerable workers and communities to reverse the environmental harm and human rights abuses caused by current shipbreaking practices.

Reference: shipbreakingplatform.org

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