9 Crew Members Test Positive, Delaying “Golden Ray” Cargo Ship Salvage Operations

9 salvage crew members who comprised of the core team in the removal undertaking of Golden Ray, a cargo ship which has been resting in St. Simons Sound has been deemed positive for COVID-19.

As nine crew members involved in the salvaging operations tested positive, it is expected that there will be a considerable delay in the salvage process by at least a few weeks.

The initial goal, as set by the Unified Command was the complete removal of the ship remnants within September itself, which is the peak season of hurricanes in the area.

Unified Command response crews have stabilized the source of white smoke on board the motor vessel Golden Ray
Image Credits: ssi.gallagherresponse.com

John Miller, who is the Chief Petty Officer, U.S. Coast Guard, had previously said that the government body is testing crew members who had been in contact with the 9 crew members that tested positive. Quarantine arrangements were also put in place.

The Golden Ray is a South Korean flagged cargo ship which has been beached since 2019 at the St.Simons Island.

Miller also confirmed that ongoing plans of scrapping the vessel, which is of 656 foot, into eight pieces have been stopped midway.
As estimated 260 people have been working on the salvage operations and with the current outbreak, under no circumstances will the ship be salvaged before the onset of the hurricane season.

Reference: gpbnews.org

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