86 Pakistani Crew On Four Ships Stranded In A War Zone

The lives of more than 86 seafarers from Pakistan are in acute danger on four vessels owned by Saint James Shipping. They have not been paid wages, endangering their lives, safety, and security as the vessels are without insurance cover and guarantees.

The four vessels are Aeon, Lua, Ariana, and Sol, reportedly managed by Global Radiance Ship Management (GRSM) and financed by a US firm Entrust.

Pakistani Crew Members
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The four vessels lack insurance covers, and their crew have not been paid for more than four months, per available evidence, mentions a legal source associated with preparing a case for the UK High Court.

The four vessels are lacking necessities for humanitarian needs and spares to keep the vessels safe for crew members and ship in a sea-worthy state. Singapore-based GRSM is footing the bill. It provided for the ships in 2021, with assurances from Saint James management — MD Panagiotos Postatziz (Agis) and CEO Sam Tari Verdi — that due payments shall be made.

References: International The News, Geo News

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