70-Year-Old Turkish Sailor Found Dead In Ship Anchored At Chalkida Port

An alarm was raised on Sunday, 6 August, in Evia as a person was discovered dead on a cargo vessel anchored in the port of Chalkida. Per the Coast Guard, it was a 70-year-old sailor who was a cook. He was seen on a Palau-flagged cargo vessel.

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The man was discovered unconscious in his cabin. Relevant officials associated with the Port Authority of Chalkida arrived while the EKAV was informed. The sailor was collected by an EKAV ambulance and rushed to the Chalkida General Hospital, where he was declared dead.

Per reports from local media, the sailor is Turkish, and the initial indications reflect that his death is pathological.

The Central Port Authority (Chalkida) is launching a preliminary examination. At the same time, an autopsy has also been ordered at the Medical Forensic Service of Athens, which will help shed light on the reasons for the death of the old sailor.

Reference: Greekcitytimes, Hellas

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