7 Unidentified People Arrested From Bulk Carrier In Portland Port

7 persons were arrested from a bulk carrier in Dorset after police got informed by an ambulance service that someone has injured onboard the vessel.

The arrested persons were Albanian nationals.

Ambulance Called

Earlier on Tuesday ambulance service was called for a person in need of medical attention on board the vessel but the police found out that no such medical help was needed. Rather 7 unidentified persons were present on board the bulk carrier.

Portland port
Representation Image – Credits: portland-port.co.uk

After this the vessel was taken to Portland where the seven unwanted persons were arrested.

Ship Under Investigation

The ship is under investigation but no reports of injuries or crew detention have emerged. The ambulance service informed the police around 5:40 GMT. The ship was along the south coast at that time

A spokesperson of Dorset Police said, “Officers liaised with the Border Force, the vessel’s crew and other partner agencies and arrangements were made for the vessel to safely dock at Portland Port. A total of seven individuals – believed to be Albanian nationals – were arrested by police and escorted from the ship. They will be considered by the Border Force and UK Visas and Immigration for potential offences.”

Reference: bbc.com

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