7 Bodies Recovered From Chinese Vessel That Sank In The Indian Ocean

Seven bodies were successfully recovered from a China-based fishing vessel that had submerged in the central Indian Ocean, per state media on Monday (22 May), days after Xi Jinping, China’s President, ordered an all-out search to recover and rescue the missing crew members.

Several nations, including Australia, Indonesia, India, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives, joined in rescue missions to locate the 39 missing crew members after the distant-water fishing vessel dubbed the Lupeng Yuanyu 028 capsized last Tuesday, per CCTV reports.

Chinese Vessel
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The vessel’s owner is Penglai Jinglu Fishery Co Ltd, based in Shandong province. The firm is yet to release any statement regarding the incident.
Of the 39 individuals that were originally on board, there were 17 crew members from China, 17 from Indonesia, and five individuals from the Philippines — it was not clear immediately which crew members were discovered.

Expert divers from Sri Lanka found and recovered the remains in the ship’s cabin, CCTV reported per the Chinese Ministry of Transport.

The wrecked vessel continues drifting eastward, CCTV informed.

Per state media, 13 ships are near where the boat submerged.

CCTV footage last week reflected high-powered marine radar on vessels striving to find the capsized vessel while the crew members used advanced visual equipment to pan sea waters to find the survivors.

The Chinese foreign ministry informed last Thursday that President Xi had instructed that additional rescue forces be deployed, and international maritime search assistance is promptly coordinated.

On Thursday, China’s ambassador to Australia reportedly urged Canberra to step up its rescue efforts to help locate the missing members.

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