6 Crew Members Continue To Be Missing After Ship Capsizes Off South Korea

Six seamen continued to be missing a day after a fishing sea had capsized off the eastern coast of South Korea on Thursday. One of the crew members was found in an unconscious state while the other two were safely rescued.

Nine crewmen were aboard the ship when it had overturned on Wednesday. The ship was halfway between Japan and the Korean Peninsula at the time of the accident. Four crew members were Chinese, two were from Indonesia, and three were from South Korea.

Last Sunday, their ship departed from the eastern port of Hupo to hunt red crabs, per South Korea’s coast guard’s comments.

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The initial search made minimal progress owing to bad weather. On Thursday, the rescuers could recover one crew member from the capsized fishing ship. He continued to be in an unconscious state. The person’s identity was not known right away.

A civilian fishing boat came to the rescue of two other Chinese crew members around the same time. These individuals were found floating in that area. Both of them were conscious.

The coast guard has said that the search will continue to find the missing seamen. As of Thursday morning, two planes, three helicopters, and 10 ships from South Korea were involved in the search mission. The Coast Guard also reported that the search mission was supported by a Japanese vessel.

Reference: timesofindia.indiatimes.com

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