5 Bodies Of Fishing Vessel Crew Found In Refrigerator, Investigation Launched

The Thousand Islands police have found five dead bodies in the cold storage of a fishing vessel sailing around the waters of Pari Island, Seribu Islands and DKI Jakarta on Thursday, 17th September 2020.

Bodies have been taken to the Kramat Jati Police Hospital in East Jakarta for post-mortem by the police to know the actual cause of death of the crew members.

The ship’s skipper and rest crew members are currently held at the local police station for further questioning.

AKBP Morry Edmond, Head of The Thousand Island Police said, “There are five human corpses stored in the cold store”.

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The Police Chief said they discovered this when his party was carrying out Operation Yustisi in The Thousand Islands. The Indonesian National Police has launched a special operation called ‘Operasi Yustisi’ in capital Jakarta to monitor public discipline in following strict health protocols. The Police saw a fishing vessel carrying quite a number of crew members.

Police Chief said. “The incident happened around 14:15 WIB (Indonesian Time) at KM Starindo Jaya Maju VI.

When the police officials initiated an inspection on the ship, they found five dead bodies being stored at the refrigerator of the ship. Based on the identification results, the bodies were found to be Putra Enggal Pradana (19), Khoirul Mutaqqin (24), M. Zulkarnaen (24), Mohammad Son Haji (27) and Miftakhul Huda (21).

Morry Edmund has suspected that the bodies were deliberately been stored into the refrigerator of the ship.

The police have brought the fishing vessel to Marina Ancol Pier along with the captain and dozens of other crew members for further investigation.

Morry said, “We are still waiting for the results of the post mortem because if we mentioned it at the beginning, the fear would become a dilemma”. He also couldn’t find the actual cause of death of those five crew members but were predicting to violence onboard the ship which caused death.

Based on the captain’s statement, those five bodies were being stored at the cold storage for about a week.

Reference: en.tempo.co

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