4000-tonne Cargo Ship Trapped In Northern Iceland

The 4000-tonne, 113-meter-long cargo ship Wilson Skaw was trapped yesterday on Ennishöfi in Hnaflói Bay. When the ship was stranded, it was travelling from Hvammstangi to Hólmavk.

Northern Iceland
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The helicopter crew was instructed to get ready, and the Coast Guard dispatched its vessel Freyja to their location after receiving the captain’s notification in the afternoon. The Skagaströnd search-and-rescue team was also requested to send a rescue ship to the cargo ship’s location.

The captain reported that everyone on board the cargo ship was feeling fine. The weather was as good as could be expected, and the conditions at the stranding site were good.

The Freyja, a Coast Guard vessel, arrived last night at 7:00 and put up a pollution fence near Wilson Skaw this morning. Although there are no visible symptoms of an oil leak, the barrier was put up as a safety precaution.

The ship was examined by Coast Guard divers, who discovered that it was anchored to a 50-meter stretch and wouldn’t move for at least a few days. The Freyja crew is ready to help if necessary, but the cargo business is putting together a rescue strategy.

Before it can be moved, the ship might need to be lightened. There are 195 tonnes of oil and just under 2,000 tonnes of salt on board.

Reference: Iceland Review, Fleetmon

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