4 Stowaway Migrants Hiding In Ship’s Rudder For 13 Days Rescued Off Brazil

Four stowaways have reportedly been rescued off Brazil’s southeast coast after spending 13 days at sea hidden in the hull of a vessel from Nigeria. Per federal police, the men rescued claimed to be Nigerians but did not carry documents that could confirm their origin.

A police official informed the AFP the four were “well-fed” and “healthy,” per Daily Mail.

Video Credit: Texas Department of Public Safety/ youtube

The four were hiding in a compartment on top of the vessel’s rudder – a part that is sometimes submerged, the federal police mentioned.
They were found by crew members of the Liberia-flagged vessel that had departed from Lagos on 27 June, it added.

The statement mentions that the individuals will be in Brazilian custody until they are returned to their country of origin.

Reference: Sahara Reporters, Day FREURO, Express.co.uk

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