3D Ship Structure Evaluation Software Launched By KR

Korean Register (KR) has launched ‘SeaTrust-Frame3D’, a grillage structure evaluation software for ships. SeaTrust-Frame3D enables a complicated ship structure to be simply modelled by representing it as a grillage structure. The software allows the designer to conduct and analyse structural strength and rule-based buckling strength evaluations, the results of which are displayed as 3D images, tables and graphs. It can automatically generate reports based on the analysis results and offer support for CAD interfaces.

SeaTrust-Frame3D can evaluate the strength of a ship’s structure much more quickly than existing Finite Element Method (FEM) structural analysis, which will be welcomed by those looking to urgently review a ship’s structural strength.

A screen capture of SeaTrust-Frame 3D in action
Image Credits: Korean Register

KR expects the software to be used extensively in shipyards as it is applicable to various structural member strength evaluations throughout the ship construction process.

KIM Dae-heon, Executive Vice-President of KR’s R&D Division, said, “With the launch of SeaTrust-Frame3D, we are able to provide customer-oriented technical services directly to those working in the field.

“Looking ahead, KR will continuously upgrade the program to meet customers’ needs and enhance its usability and we are working to make it a much better solution to apply the classification rules even more efficiently than is possible today.”

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