3 People Killed In Alleged Drone Attack On Iranian Fuel Tanker

An Iranian fuel tanker had been attacked near Syria, resulting in a deadly fire that had killed at least 3 people. The incident happened on Saturday when the vessel transiting off the Syrian coast was attacked by a drone.

This is the first of its kind assault that has happened in recent years. Rami Abdel Rahman, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights head, had revealed that 3 people including 2 crew members of the tanker.

Meanwhile, the Oil Ministry had said that the tanker was up in flames because of a drone attack coming from the direction of Lebanese waters. However, the flames could be extinguished later.

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So far, the perpetrator of the crime hasn’t been determined. The tanker is from Iran and came from there and is quite close to the Banias port of Israel. So an Israeli attack could not be ruled out.

It hasn’t been determined whether a drone or missile was indeed used in the attack.

Earlier last month, US officials have underlined in a report how Israel has been targeting Syria bound vessels since 2019. As many as 12 ships have been targeted. Most of these ships had carried Iranian oil.

Reference: arabnews.com

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