3 Navy Personnel Killed & 11 Injured In Explosion On Board ‘INS Ranvir’

Three members of the Indian Navy were killed in a blast in Mumbai on a vessel at a naval dockyard on Tuesday. The explosion had taken place at around 4.45 pm in an internal compartment on a naval vessel named Ranvir.

No reason for the blast was given on the scene but said that a board of inquiry would be in charge of the probe. Information from another source explained that those who were killed had been in their cabin adjoining the AC compartment where the explosion occurred, and the cabin collapsed, taking their lives. It was not an ammunition-oriented blast.

navy personnel killed
Image Credits: @indiannavy

The navy has reported that the ship’s crew members had responded right away and got the situation in control. No major material damages were reported. 11 other personnel on board are reported to have suffered injuries.

Reference: indiatimes.com

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