3 Nations Agree To Help In Search And Rescue Mission Of Crew Members Of Gulf Livestock 1

On the request of bereaved families Silvestre Bello III, Department of Labour and Employment (DOLE) Secretary last week sent letters to the embassies of Korea, China, and Taiwan to help in the search and rescue mission of 36 seafarers of cattle ship Gulf Livestock 1, which capsized in the south Japan sea.

Above mentioned countries have agreed to help in search and rescue mission said the DOLE Secretary, “Upon their request, I sent letters to the embassies of Korea, China, and Taiwan and luckily they responded. They said on their own, even before they already helping in the search and they will continue to help in the search operations.”

Silvestre Bello is scheduled to meet with the families of 36 missing seafarers on Wednesday afternoon, “I’m seeing some of them this afternoon. Hopefully, to discuss, exchange of concerns,” he said. He has already met two Filipino survivors this week on Monday and discussed the details of the incident. The Japanese Coast guard has rescued two Filipinos, while a dead body of another Filipino sailor was found.

Gulf Livestock 1
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Gulf Livestock 1 is owned by Gulf Navigation Holding based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the vessel had a total of 43 crew member of which 39 were Filipinos, two Australians, and two New Zealanders. The vessel sank on 3rd September 2020 due to a typhoon Maysak and engine trouble in the south Japan water, it was on its way to China from New Zealand.

Reference: pna.gov.ph

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