3 ‘Ever Given’ Crew Members Allowed To Return Home

After much delay and shortcomings, 3 of the Indian seafarers from Ever Given crew have been given permission to leave the ship by the Suez Canal Authorities.

Earlier, the SCA had made it clear that the crew would not be allowed to leave until the shipowner pays the 916$ million compensation.

The Ever Given crew had been held ransom by the SCA since the ship was refloated on March 29. The vessel had run aground in the Suez Canal on March 23. So far the Japanese shipping company that owns the ship has refused to pay the compensation alleging that the SCA couldn’t validate the claim with enough proof and data

Amidst this, the SCA’s decision to allow 3 of its crew to leave has given some hope to the stranded seafarers. While the legal dispute continues, SCA can’t allow the whole crew to go as they would lose the opportunity to get the compensation.

Evergreen Lines Ever Given Grounded In Suez Canal -
Image Credits: suezcanal.gov.eg

They have categorically stated that the crew is free to leave as long as there are enough crew members on the ship along with the captain.

Keeping up with this, 3 crew members have been allowed to return home to India. The ship’s management agency Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (BSM) has reiterated its priority in ensuring the safety and well being of the crew.

The company’s CEO Ian Beveridge had spoken highly of the crew and the captain who showed utmost professionalism in the hardest situation.

Beverage hoped that the matter would be resolved soon and the ship and the crew would move ahead in their voyage. Earlier in April, the SCA had allowed 2 other Ever Given crew to leave because of personal circumstances.

Reference: indiatimes.com

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