24 Of 91 COVID-19 Affected Seafarers In Seychelles Recovered

Public health Commissioner Dr. Jude Gedeon has spoken about developments on the 91 COVID-19 affected seafarers from the Spanish Tuna fishing fleet stating that 24 patients in the group have now recovered.

Seychelles has 73 active COVID-19 cases at present, with 67 of them being seafarers and 6 Seychellois. The absence of any cases in the last week has suggested the beginning of recoveries and an optimistic estimation of fewer than 50 cases if the trend continues.

Inbound repatriation flight for stranded Seychelloid abroad is at a temporary halt following the contact tracing of the 6 affected non-sea patients. 82 people are now in quarantine. Outbound flight sare to continue as per schedule.

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Citing the reasons behind this decision, the chief executive of health care agency, Danny Louange stated that they need to ensure that the situation on the ground is in hand, and there are enough beds to cater for more, before continuing with inbound repatriation. Re-opening the country to commercial passenger flights are still in discussions.

Some seafarers have moved their vessels out of quarantine zone and have returned to work after being tested negative. They are currently 142 repatriated Seychoolies in quarantine and only 6 vessels remaining.

Mariners from Bilbao Spain are returning, however, for the Spanish sailors’ crew exchange that is expected this week. They are to be on board an Air Seychelles flight. Jude Gedeon confirms strict adherence to safety guidelines and precautions taken on both ends of the journey to ensure safety.

The Public Health Department is encouraging people to wear masks as a habit, especially in situations where social distancing may not be possible.

Reference: seychellesnewsagency.com

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