22 Crew Members Rescued From Bulk Carrier Sinking In Philippine Sea

A bulk carrier has sunk in the Philippines sea but the crew has been rescued by a fishing vessel. 14 Chinese seafarers and 8 Bangladeshi seafarers were part of the crew at the time of the sinking. The ship is managed by Dalian Chain Star Ship Management.

bulk carrier representation
Image for Representation Purpose Only – Credits: Pulkit Chaudhary

Ship Listed & Sank

The Bulk Carrier, Yong Feng was on its way to deliver timber from Papua New Guinea to China when the cargo shifted and the ship listed before sinking into the water. A Taiwanese fishing vessel that was nearby saved the 22 membered crew of the Panama flagged carrier.

The ship made an emergency call at 3.50 am.
Then the crew members took the lifeboats.

The Japanese Coast Guard searched for the crew and rescued the crew with the help of the Taiwanese trawlers 8 hours later.

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