200 Cruise Ship Guests Evacuated Following Engine Room Explosion; Crew Members Monitored Over Smoke Inhalation

An explosion took place in a cruise ship that was sailing through the Netherlands earlier this week, forcing 200 guests to be evacuated.

Firefighters in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam promptly responded with large equipment at about 6:30 p.m on Monday following the news of the engine room explosion of the Viking Gymir while the vessel was on the Ruijterkade River, per Het Parool – a local newspaper.

After the explosion, a fire broke out within the river cruise vessel, which, at the time, was situated near the city’s primary train station named the Central Station.

About 200 of the Viking Gymir’s firm were evacuated. They had assembled within the vessel’s primary lounge for a welcome briefing when the incident occurred, making the evacuation relatively straightforward, Cruise Hive informed.

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No individual was critically injured. Nevertheless, eight or nine individuals inhaled the smoke and were later examined.

Some people on the vessel at the time of the accident inhaled excessive smoke; some members also suffered from smoke inhalation and were being monitored by medical personnel.

All of Viking Gymir’s crew members and guests are “safe,” and the vessel is now navigable and also fully operable, Viking Cruises, the operator, mentioned in its statement.

The firm also added that all future departures would proceed per the schedule, but the vessel is reportedly unlikely to return to service this summer.

Local authorities are investigating the ship to make sure there are no underlying toxic fumes before the crew members reenter.

The Viking Gymir, set sail from Portugal. It was one of the eight new river cruise vessels that were christened by Viking Cruises in January 2022.

It has a hybrid propulsion system that comprised three diesel engines and a large-capacity battery pack.

Monday’s fire and explosion occurred in the battery, per initial reports that could explain why Dutch authorities are carefully dealing with the vessel.

Another Viking Cruises ship named the Viking Hermod ran into a collision with a cargo vessel during a cruise between Basel and Amsterdam about two weeks back. The vessel sustained minor damages owing to the incident caused by the cargo vessel changing its course all of a sudden.

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