2 People Missing After Cargo Ship Capsizes In Spain

A cargo ship has capsized in the Castello port in Spain which has rendered 2 people missing and a search team involving 150 people have started looking for them. 3 injured people from the cargo ship have been admitted to La Plana General Hospital, revealed the PortCastelló authorities.

A 46-year-old Spanish man who has been seriously injured is in the ICU while another 31 year old injured is being treated in the emergency room. Another Spanish national is being handled by the emergency services however he hasn’t been hospitalized for treatment as his injuries aren’t grave.

At present, a search team of more than 150 people comprising of personnel from the Castellón Provincial Firefighters Consortium and municipal firefighters, rescue divers, emergency personnel, Civil Guard, port police, tugboats, Red Cross and Maritime Rescue are on the lookout for the missing.

Image Credits: SALVAMENTO MARÍTIMO – Twitter

Of the 2 missing people, one is part of the Nazmiye Ana crew while the other is from the Stevedoring Service. The ship was loading containers at the Centenario dock when it capsized.

Since the accident, the ship is lying in keel position. The reason behind the accident hasn’t been found yet. So far, the authorities are unaware of the tonnage of the vessel.

Reference: hurriyetdailynews.com

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