17 People Go Missing After Cargo Ship Collides With Fishing Boat

A gruesome accident involving a cargo ship and a fishing boat has left 17 missing in the waters of Indonesia. The incident happened when the Indonesian Bulk Carrier MV Habco Pioneer collided with a fishing boat, late Saturday.

17 people from the fishing boat are now missing off the main island of Java. The boat carrying 32 people capsized in the Indramayu district, revealed Deden Ridwansyah, the Search and Rescue Agency in charge of the rescue operation.

container cargo ship
Representation Image – Credits: Ramanus Bite

Authorities have so far rescued 15 people while the search for others continues. The navy along with local fishermen are looking for the missing persons, said Wisnu Wardana, a spokesperson for the sea transportation directorate-general.

The bulk carrier involved in the accident was carrying crude oil from Borneo Island. Its propeller was caught in the fishing net, requiring the vessel to be moored, said Ridwansyah.

Reference: timesofindia.indiatimes.com

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