16 Chinese Warships Spotted In Waters Around Taiwan In A Day

Taiwan has recently recorded the maximum number of navy warships in and around the nation in a single day, per Taiwan News.

As per the Ministry of National Defence (abbreviated MND), 16 navy warships and 15 military aircraft of China were observed in and around Taiwan. Taiwan News further quoted a freelance writer named Duan Dang, based in Vietnam, as mentioning 16 People’s Liberation Army Navy shifts could be seen around Taiwan on a single day in recent times. There were 14 warships when Nancy Pelosi, the US Houses Speaker, visited Taiwan last year.

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According to Taiwan News, the MND mentioned that Armed Forces had monitored the situation closely and tasked combat air patrol (CAP) aircraft, land-based missile systems, and Navy warships to respond to such activities.

Among the three aircraft that had entered the Southwest ADIZ of Taiwan were Shaanxi Y-8 (an anti-submarine warfare plane) and two multirole fighter Shenyang J-16s.

Beijing has also sent 239 military aircraft and 94 naval vessels around Taiwan until this month. Since 2020 (September), China has further amplified the use of grey zone tactics by increasing the quantity of military aircraft and naval vessels that operate around Taiwan.

According to Taiwan News, grey zone tactics are a series of efforts beyond steady-state assurance and deterrence to achieve an individual’s security objectives without resorting to direct and sizable use of force.

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