15-Year Old Victim Identifies Ship Captain And Second Officer In Sexual Abuse Case

A 15-year-old sexual abuse victim has identified a ship captain and second officer in the Mount Lavinia Sex Scandal case. The victim identified them at an identification parade held at a Magistrate’s court in Colombo.

Officials then imprisoned the suspects in connection with the case. So far, there have been arrests of 41 individuals regarding the case.

The alleged rapists so far arrested include people from varied professions like Buddhist monks, business people, doctors, politicians, police, and navy offices.

The Child and Women Bureau informed the court that once the identification of abusers is conducted, the investigation stands complete.

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Colombo Additional Magistrate Lochana Abeywickrama ruled for suspects to be levied with strict bail conditions. Following this, the two suspects got a release on bail following payment of Rs. 25,000 each as cash bail and two personal bails of Rs. 2.5 million each.

The Additional Magistrate further cautioned the suspects to refrain from impeding investigations in any way. If they interfere with the inquiry and evidence, the magistrate would immediately annul their bail, and they would be in remand custody until the end of the trial.

Reference: nation.lk

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