14 Egyptian Crew Injured And Captain Missing Of Multi-Cargo Ship Beata

The tragic accident occurred when the Panama-flagged cargo ship Beata was caught up in flames in the Black sea waters off the coast of Turkey.

Radio signals were sent from the ship almost immediately. A fishing boat, a helicopter and two coastguard ships arrived on the scene and saw the 9200 DWT ship engulfed in fire.

Per reports, the crew members evacuated the vessel. They were sent to Sinop to be hospitalised as there were chances of carbon monoxide poisoning. Three are in serious condition, while the master, Hisham Thapet, an Egyptian, is missing.

14 Egyptian Crew Injured And Captain Missing Of Cargo Ship That Exploded Off Turkey’s Coast
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The Egyptian Minister of Emigration and Expatriates Affairs, Soha Gendy, said that they are coordinating with the Egyptian Embassy in Ankara to find the captain and receive follow-up updates on the crew, the majority of whom were Egyptians.

The search and rescue of the missing captain are underway. He has a son and two daughters; His family is stuck with grief as he is still not found. The cause of the explosion is also not clear now.

References: Egypt Today, Ahram Online

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