12 Crew Members Rescued From Sinking Cargo Ship ‘MV Kanchan’

Twelve crew members of the stranded cargo vessel MV Kanchan were rescued successfully by ship MV Hermeez.

The cargo vessel earlier got stranded off the coast in Umargam, Gujarat. On 21th July, the Marine Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC), Mumbai, acquired urgent information from the Director-General for Communication Centre (DDGCOMM) about the stranded situation of the cargo ship MV Kanchan. There were 12 Indian crew members on board the vessel.

According to the Indian Coast Guard, the accident occurred due to fuel contamination, rendering the vessel’s engine non-operational. This further cut off the electrical power, and the vessel was left with no electricity on board.

The MRCC, Mumbai, immediately issued the International Safety Net (ISN) and notified all the ships in the vicinity of MV Kanchan to assist and help the stranded cargo ship.

MV Kanchan - distressed vessel
Image Credits: @IndiaCoastGuard

MV Hermeez, the rescuer vessel carrying steel coils as cargo, swiftly responded to the distress call. It was nearby MV Kanchan. It directed its course towards MV Kanchan amidst harsh weather conditions at speeds of 50 knots and braving waves that rose to 3-3.5 metres in height. MV Harmeez reached and safely evacuated all 12 people on board in a proactive night operation. The rescue operation was on 21 July.

The Directorate General Shipping deployed another vessel ETV Water Lily for assisting the stranded vessel. The Indian Coast Guard further informed that vessel owners also deployed two tugs to assist the stranded vessel.

The Indian Coast Guard tweeted about the rescue in its Twitter handle, praising MV Kanchan. The tweet read, ‘#Savinglives In an urgent and swiftly taken operation by the MRCC #Mumbai, ship MV Hermeez tackling the harsh seas, rescued all the 12 crew members of the distressed vessel MV Kanchan that was stranded off Umargam, #Maharashtra. The vessel stuck on 21th July night. Well done Hermeez. @DefenceMinIndia@shipmin_india.’

Reference: theweekendleader.com

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