12 Crew Members Missing As Cement Carrier Sinks Off Taiwan Coast

A rescue and search operation is taking place off Taiwan to find 12 of 17 members of the crew. Once the vessel sank, five seafarers decided to abandon it and were rescued, having made it to lifeboats successfully. They were rescued later on by a passing container vessel.

In the meantime, relevant Taiwanese authorities reported that two vacant lifeboats were spotted. The cement carrier initially transported 20 crew members, but three reportedly had to disembark earlier for urgent medical treatment after being injured on 30 October.

12 Goes Missing As The Cement Carrier Sinks Off Taiwan
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The following day, “Xing Shun No 1” lost power 14 miles off Lizhuoshuixi. A rescue vessel further joined the Air Crew Corps in looking for missing seafarers.

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