12 Bodies Pulled Out Of Vessel Snapped In Two Due To Storm

Per recent records, 12 bodies were discovered after a shipwreck in the South China Sea over the weekend that left the crew of 30 members reportedly missing, Chinese authorities clarified on Monday.

The announcement was made days after an engineering vessel 160 nm toward the southwest of Hong Kong experienced substantial damages and broke into two pieces in the middle of a typhoon.

On Saturday, three individuals were rescued. According to Chinese state media, one more person was saved during the early hours on Monday. Per this information, 26 more are unaccounted for as yet.

Breaking Of Ship
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Dramatic footage shared by Hong Kong authorities clearly showed an individual being airlifted onto a helicopter as strong waves kept crashing at the deck of the semi-submerged ship.

Typhoon Chaba originated in the central South China Sea, and on Saturday afternoon, it made its landfall in Guangdong province in Southern China.

The rescuers in Hong Kong were immediately notified about the incident at 7:25 am local time. They were able to find the vessel Chaba’so Chaba’s center, where poor weather conditions and wind farms made the rescue operation even more dangerous and difficult.

Currently, 246 boats, 498 fishing vessels, and seven planes have been dispatched to look for the remaining missing individuals, per the Monday statement.

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