11 Individuals Go Missing As Cargo Vessel Capsizes In Indonesia’s Makassar Strait

A cargo vessel carrying 15 individuals on board sank in central Indonesia’s Makassar Strait. This resulted in 11 individuals missing, per reports on Saturday.

The vessel was hit by strong waves while sailing in the waters between Kalimantan and Sulawesi islands on Monday. However, the accident was discovered by a passenger vessel, which aided the victims on Friday. The Xinhua news agency quoted Dendy Prasetyo, a senior press officer at South Kalimantan’s rescue and search office.

They conducted rescue and search operation on Saturday to look for the 11 missing people; Dendy informed the news agency.

Cargo vessel capsizes
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Dendy said that four people managed to survive the accident, as they had reportedly used a lifeboat and were assisted by a ferry.

The cargo vessel carrying cement set sail from a seaport based in South Kalimantan province and was heading toward a seaport based in South Sulawesi province, per the official.

Reference: Prameyanews, odishatv

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