11 Crew Members From 5 Countries Held Onboard Vessel Hijacked By Houthi Rebels

A Yemeni-hijacked vessel has 11 seamen from five countries, the UAE informed the President of the UN Security Council on Monday. Of 11, seven members are Indians while the rest are from Myanmar, the Philippines, Ethiopia, and Indonesia, the UAE’s representative mentioned in a letter as reported by AFP.

The “act of piracy” on the Rwabee on 2 January was also actively denounced. The rebels have stated that they seized the Rwabee in Yemeni waters and have also published a video showing military equipment on it.

Lana Nusseibeh, the UAE ambassador has said that such an act of piracy contradicts international law and that it poses threat to the safety and freedom of navigation besides impacting trade taking place via the Red Sea. It also hampers regional security as well as stability.

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Nusseibeh referred to the hijacked ship as a “civilian cargo vessel” a Saudi enterprise had leased to transport equipment in use at a field hospital.

Reference: khaleejtimes.com


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