109 Containers Lost From ‘Zim Kingston’; Mariners Asked To Report Sightings Of Containers

Over a hundred containers had dropped off a ship loaded with cargo, including chemicals. These had caught fire off the British Columbia coast. The earlier number reported was 40. Canada’s Coast Guard also added that the blaze is now under control.

The fire started on Saturday aboard the container vessel MV Zim Kingston. There has not been any report of casualties or injuries. With the fire in control, the Zim Kingston crew members were able to access container bays on the MV Zim Kingston. They believe that 106 containers had gone overboard, instead of 40. Two containers had hazardous goods – this fact remains unchanged.

Transport Canada authorities and inspectors are going to inspect MV Zim Kingston and direct it to a port to unload and for additional inspections if any. The recent stormy weather delayed the efforts to recover containers that may pose risks to mariners. On Twitter, the Coast Guard said that the unified command expects some containers to have sunk. The Environmental Unit is expected to assess the possible impacts.

Zim kingston container loss
Image Credits: Canadian Coast Guard / @CoastGuardCAN – Twitter

On Saturday, sixteen members of the crew could be evacuated from the cargo ship. Five of the members stayed back. They were soon joined by a fire extinguishing and salvage agency, reported Danaos Shipping Co, the company which manages Zim Kingston.

Contents of other containers overboard include toys, clothing, automotive parts, industrial parts and furniture. Unified Command expects that some of the containers have sunk and the Environmental Unit will assess for potential impacts.

container from zim kingston
Image Credits: Canadian Coast Guard / @CoastGuardCAN – Twitter

Canadian Coast Guard located four containers on the shore near Cape Scott today. The containers have now been identified, referenced against the ship manifest, and do not contain hazardous chemicals.

zim container found on shore
Image Credits: Canadian Coast Guard / @CoastGuardCAN – Twitter

It appears that at least one of the containers, containing refrigerators, has broken open. Unified Command has provided this information to the ship’s owner who has hired a contractor to recover the containers. The location is remote and rugged, and planning for recovery operations is underway. The overall number of missing containers is now up to 109 and it may change again as more information comes in.

Mariners, aircraft and members of the public in the area are asked to report any sightings of containers to 1-800-889-8852 immediately and reminded to avoid opening or moving containers as two of the 109 containers contain hazardous chemicals.

Reference: Canadian Coast Guard

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