100 Royal Navy Drone Ships To Track Iranian Missile Carrying Ships In The Middle East

Britain’s Royal Navy is planning to hunt down Iranian missiles and drugs smuggling gangs in the Middle East with their new drone ships. About 100 Robo ships are up for the game.

Senior Military Commander Commodore Adrian Fryer confirmed that come this summer; these new drone-enabled ships will navigate the Middle East 24/7 to hunt down vessels with Iranian missiles.

Already the Royal Navy has effectively cut off some smuggling routes in the Gulf with the help of some uncrewed vessels supplying them with invaluable data about the gangs’ positions.  

Royal Navy Drone Ships
Credits: UK MOD/ SWNS/ Daily mail

HMS Montrose busted narcotics worth £46.8 million last year, the biggest in its three years of service here. So far, in all the years the ship has serviced in the Middle East, it has seized £111.1 million in narcotics. 

 The ship also seized a lethal weapons-carrying speedboat between Yemen and Iran carrying surface-to-air missiles in January last year.  

Banking on these small victories, the Royal Navy envisions a more extensive operation with 100 uncrewed ships which can gather essential data persistently. 

 References: The Daily Mail, Ed News

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