10 Abducted Filipino Seafarers Returning Home From Gulf Of Guinea

The Philippines is all set to welcome 10 abducted Filipino seafarers who were freed from the shackles of the Gulf of Guinea pirates. The Philippines Foreign Affairs Department announced that the seafarers will be returning home on April 19.

“A total of 10 Filipino seafarers freed from a reported kidnapping in the Gulf of Guinea are expected to arrive in the Philippines on April 19”, said the Department adding further that the seafarers were released on 11 April after being kidnapped a month ago

They were part of 15 crew chemical tanker David B. The ship was in transit along the Benin coast in the Gulf of Guinea on 11th March when the incident happened. The crew had 5 other foreign national seafarers apart from the 10 abducted Filipino seafarers.

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On Wednesday the Dutch owners of the ship De Poli Tankers confirmed their release stating “delighted to report that all 15 of its officers and crew abducted from its vessel Davide B in the Gulf of Guinea on March 11 have been released.”

“The seafarers are safe and can return to their families in Eastern Europe and the Philippines and can start recovering from this deeply concerning situation,” the statement read.

“Six other Filipino crew members of Davide B, who were spared from the kidnapping, arrived home safely on April 3”, revealed the agency.

The DFA has thanked the Elburg Shipmanagement Phils Inc, the local manning agency who handled the situation promptly, ensuring the safe release of seafarers and their immediate repatriation.

The seafarers will land at the Clark International Airport on April 19. They are coming from Amsterdam via Qatar Air. They already left for Amsterdam from Lagos on 14th April and will leave for the Philippines on 18th April.

Reference: manilatimes.com

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