1 Dead, 4 Injured As Ship Gets Stuck In Tropical Storm Off Vietnam Coast

A Marshall island flagged ship was caught in bad weather in Binh Thuan Province of Vietnam which resulted in the death of one of the crew members of the vessel.

The crew of Chem Sinyoo cargo ship battled the weather which took the life of an Indonesian crew and injured four others who were taken to Nha Trang shore, 239 kilometers of Binh Thuan for treatment.

Technical Failure Ship Caught in Storm

  • Apparently, the cargo ship set sailed from Singapore with a chemical cargo to be delivered in China.
  • However, due to some technical problems they had to halt their voyage in Phu Quy Island, 56 nautical miles of Binh Thuan Province of Vietnam. It was here that the ship was caught in turbulent weather.
  • Giant waves battered the ship as they tried to repair equipment in the engine room.
  • In this fiasco, a 32-year-old Indonesian mechanic died and 4 others were severely injured.
Dead Indonesian Sailor Found On Seized Chinese Fishing Ship; Authorities Suspect Trafficking
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Rescue Efforts

The captain immediately sought the help of Vietnamese authorities as they didn’t have any medical cover.

The Maritime Search and Rescue Coordination Center of Khanh Hoa dispatched 2 ships with medical staff for their rescue. Nguyen Xuan Binh, the director of the center that the ships delivered the victims to Nha Trang where they are undergoing treatment in a hospital. The crew was properly disinfected before transferring them to shore in order to prevent covid spread.

Other Ships Distressed in Storm

The commander of the Natural Disaster Prevention & Search & Rescue, Nguyen Hung Tan, informed that another ship was also in jeopardy. They received a distress signal from a Sierra Leone-flagged cargo ship traveling at a speed of 10kph as it was about to sink 64kilometres off in Vung Tau Province. Presently, rescue forces are trying to trace it.

Binh Thuan Province has been under the spell of the tropical storm Krovanh which was causing strong winds and high waves since. Monday. This resulted in the sinking of a Panama flagged vessel with 15 crew members last week . 11 of them could be rescued while 2 Chinese crew died and 2 others went missing.

Reference: e.vnexpress.net

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