1 Crew Member Dead & 1 Missing From Collision Between Two Ships In Baltic Region

Two cargo vessels reportedly collided in the Baltic Sea off the Sweden coast close to Bornholm. One of the two vessels capsized. Many crew members fell in the water.

The ship was sailing to Nykoebing Falster in Denmark after it departed from Sodertalje a day before, per MarineTraffic. The British ship — a 90-meter Scot Carrier – happened to be traveling toward the same direction to Montrose in Scotland from Latvian port in Salacgriva.

The Scot Carrier, so far, has not observed any damages and its crew members remained unharmed. The collision took place on Monday morning, 13 December.

Swedish CoastGuard
Image Credits: kustbevakningen.se

The Danish vessel that capsized was towed south of Sandhammaren, approximately 30 kilometers toward the east of Ystad. Denmark and Sweden sent out helicopters and several search and rescue boats in the morning; Euronews was informed by Swedish Maritime Administration and Defence Command Denmark.

Earlier, they had said that towing would help avoid sinking and permit rescuers to locate if any missing individuals were onboard. The Swedish Coast Guard mentioned that currently, there were no spills and it was working toward preventing oil or similar harmful substances from getting leaked. Collisions in the shipping lane that links the Baltic Sea to the North Sea are rarely noted.

Reference: thetimeshub.in

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