Recommended Naval Architecture Books 

Naval Architecture Eric Tupper

Introduction to Naval Architecture – Eric Tupper

Introduction to Naval Architecture by Eric Tupper is a world famous book which describes fundamental characteristics of ship’s design and how they affect ships at the sea.

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DJ Eyres ship construction

Ship Construction – D.J. Eyres

Ship Construction by David Eyres is also a well-renowned book for both students and professionals of marine engineering and naval architecture.

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Introduction to naval achitecture

Introduction to Naval Architecture – Thomas C. Gillmer

The Introduction to Naval Architecture by Thomas Gillmer is an excellent resource and a complete reference for subject of Naval Architecture. It provides brief yet dense overview of all the important topics of naval architecture such as hydrostatics, hydrodynamics, ship structure etc.
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applied naval

Applied Naval Architecture

Applied Naval Architecture by Robert Zubaly is yet another important book for professionals working in shipyards or on ships.

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Basic ship theory

Basic Ship Theory – E.C. Tupper and K.J. Rawson

Basic Ship Theory by E.C Tupper and K.J Rawson is a widely known introductory text for naval architecture students as well as maritime design professionals.

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reeds naval architecture

Reed’s Naval Architecture – Volume 4 – E.A. Stokoe

Reed’s book on naval architecture from the famous Marine Engineering Series is based on the syllabus of certificate of competency examinations.

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ship hydrostatics and stability

Ship Hydrostatics and Stability

Ship Hydrostatics and Stability Adrian Biran is a comprehensive book which explains various topics which deal with the stability of the ship. It is one of the best books available in the market to understand the ship hydrostatics in ship design and performance.

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ship constructuion reeds

Reed’s Ship Construction

Reed’s book on ship construction is yet another valuable book from the famous Marine Engineering Series. Ship construction for marine students covers all important topics from the syllabus of naval architecture.

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reference books marine eng

The Marine Engineering Reference Book – A Guide to Ship Design, Construction and Operation

Though The Marine Engineering Reference book by Anthony Molland is not a book solely on the naval architecture subject, it is a good resource for both basic and advanced topics of ship construction and design.

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design of ship hull structure

Design of Ship Hull Structures

Design of Ship Hell Structures by Yasuhisa Okumoto is a great practical guide for naval architects and marine engineers. The book explains with great depths on topics such as how to design ship hull structures from practical viewpoint and how to achieve reliable and efficient ship structures.

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