Top 9 Houses made from Shipping Containers

Shipping containers have become much more than transportation devices with a little innovation and lot of creativity. As shipping container architecture is picking up pace for various reasons, more and more shipping container homes can be seen propping up on the radar.

Here is a list of nine such houses that exemplify beautiful shipping containers and homes made from them.

1. Container city, Trinity Buoy Wharf, London

This city is one of the best examples of renewable shipping containers being put to use for housing purpose. A complex of 20 shipping containers has been made, arranged in three story structure.

Architect Nicholas Lacey and engineer Buro Happold came up with the ingenuous idea to make comfortable shipping container houses. The structure was set up as a temporary structure for trial but due to overwhelming response, soon Container City II came up, made with 30 containers.

2.  The Four Room House, Belgium

This colorful structure is unique for several reasons; top one being that this home is actually made inside four shipping containers stacked one above another. This house has been designed by architects Pieter Peelings and Silvia Mertens to make one beautiful shipping container house.

The four containers have been neatly placed, one above another, with each level with its own purpose. The efficient use of space makes this structure spacious and easy to use rather than being cramped, as perceived by many. The glass front and a different color for each level add the view and light to the ‘beautiful’ shipping containers. Starting from the living room on the lowermost level, the design proceeds to include a kitchen cum dining area on second, work area on third and bedroom and toilet on fourth floor.

3.  Zigloo Domestique, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

The black and cream exterior, glass panels and a wire mesh balcony might make you wonder about the design. But at a closer look, you will be able to see the smart use of shipping container designs that make this house.

Keith Dewey, owner and designer of this house lives here with his wife and daughter. The house was designed in 2006, using renewable shipping containers as building blocks for the house. Entire architecture and design of the house has been done to make maximum use of space and light, a project that took a total of eight months.

4.  Redondo Beach Container House

Looking at this beach house, a shipping container would be the last thing that would come to a person’s mind. But shipping containers do make an indispensible part of this beautiful home. Beautiful shipping containers are what you will see in this whole design.

These containers provide the best accommodation anyone could ask for. Renewable shipping containers used as home, such as in this design do no compromise on design or utility of the home. This particular home comes with a complete pool, fire area, bedrooms, kitchen along with being resistant to termites and molds.

5.  Retro Styled house, Austria

For people looking for good accommodation, within a budget and with a good view, the Austria’s Espace Mobile has come up with the perfect solution. This company offers prefabricated houses that can be ‘put together’ according to the desire of the customers.

These prefabricated shipping container houses can be found all along the countryside of Austria, offering wonderful view from ever single space. Each of these houses offer a space of about 4 meters across and 1-15 meters length, to accommodate every sort of housing needs anyone could have. These shipping container homes can be owned with a three years warranty for a price of 55,000 to 95,000 Euros.

6. Cove Park, Rosneath, U.K.

In Cove Park there can be found The Cubes. These are a series of five shipping containers that have been lined to make a wonderful house for its owners.

Designed by Urban Management, these renewable shipping containers have been placed here in a makeover as dramatic as it could ever be imagined. The first three containers accommodate the housing facilities and were set in 2002. The other two containers were later added for extra space to provide for a suitable work area.

7.  The View Tube, London

Against the grey sky of London, you can expect to find a bright yellow stack of shipping containers that is actually a housing structure.

This structure contains a café and educational and art centers and will be one of the housing places for the 2012 London Olympics. The structure comes as a relief to the over worked nature as it has been made from reused shipping containers.

8.  Ross Steven House, Wellington, New Zealand

In the hills of Wellington, New Zealand, industrial designer has set up his home made from reused shipping containers.

The house comes as a bright spot against the backdrop of hills. The home has been made using not only shipping containers but natural space, with its living space incorporating into surroundings as well. Even the furniture in this house is made from recycled material, like the door redesigned as the dining table.

9. Port-a-Bach

In New Zealand, small ‘bachelor’ pods or bachs are they are being called are becoming pretty famous. These small pods are temporary housing structures erupting all over the country as a perfect option for flexible homing solutions or vacation housings.

Beautiful shipping containers have been used in these designs. Each Port-a-Bach costs around $55,000 and comes with a complete living space, including storage area, living space and an outdoor deck. A stainless steel kitchen, bathroom with shower, sink and composting toilet, bunk beds and dressing room are featured in these reused shipping containers.


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