Top 6 Awesome Underwater Hotels

Marine life is interesting whatever way you choose to explore it. However, if you got to live right inside it that would be a whole another experience. Underwater hotels are the latest proposition to put man in belly of a sea and experience marine life as up close as it can get.

The list discusses some of the top hotels that offering this amazing experience.

1.   Jules’ Undersea Lodge

This is the oldest hotel around the world to be built under water. Located off the coast of Puerto Rico, this underwater hotel was earlier a research facility until it was transformed into a hotel for people to explore the extent of hospitality of marine world. This hotel has been a fascinating destination for people in love with the marine life ever since it attained its status as a hotel in 1986, about 16 years after its opening initially.

Set about 21 feet under water, this hotel can only be reached through diving. A single dive into the water in this part of sea can transport you to a whole world all together, literally.  Complete with all material luxuries anyone could ask for while being submerged in water, this hotel is a perfect getaway for anyone looking for adventure, solitude or just pure fun.

2.   Utter Inn

A unique hotel in its own way, besides being an underwater hotel, this particular place is a haven for anyone who likes a pinch of tangy in monotony of life. Styled like a retro Swedish house, painted in bright red, this hotel would be a sight even from miles. But that’s not even the good part.

Reach the hotel through a boat and then to your room, 3 meter under water and viola! You have a place to crash. Of course the fish might peer in from the window time to time but that shouldn’t bother you. Make a reservation in advance and pack your dinner, unless of course you’d have room service delivered it right to your window.

3.   The Hilton Maldives resort and spa

Making to the list of one of the best underwater hotels, this particular hotel would offer you the best dining and spa experience available in any hotel around the world. Enjoy the serenity of marine life while you dine with your loved ones or enjoy a relaxing spa.

Located about five meter below the water, the panoramic view of the water all around you would thrill you just as much as it could unnerve you. After all, a huge fish swimming right up to where you are sitting would take anyone’s breath away. But then, it is such moments that make memories for a lifetime.

4.   Poseidon undersea resort

An ambitious project for making one of the most awesome hotels of the world, this resort is located a whooping 40 feet below water, with luxuries of a five star hotel. Expect to sleep in arms of marine life, literally with transparent walled rooms designed exclusively to give guests the real feel living underwater. And you don’t even have to wear square pants.


Take your own submarine to your room; kick off after a day’s work of exploring the nature’s beauty and switch the channel to ‘out of this world’ experience, quite literally. All this and much more easily makes this hotel as one of the top contenders for thebest underwater hotels in the world.

5.   The Apeiron Island Hotel

Another lofty project set to emerge in heart of Dubai; it will be partially underwater hotel about 300 meter or more from the nearest coast.

Complete with luxuries of a seven star hotel, this hotel will provide its guests a chance live in one of the 350 luxury apartment rooms. Of course, when you are underwater, luxury has a different meaning all together.

6.   Hydropolis

Located in Dubai, this is another on the list of top hotels all over the world set to make history with their unique design, amazing services and of course, gallons of water it will be surrounded with.

One of the most awesome hotels to be built underwater, this hotel would be probably the deepest and one of the best underwater hotels to have been built at a depth of about 66 feet and expanse of 27 acres. Sure, the budget for such a project isn’t counted in pennies but for the luxuries it offers, the price seems justified.

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