The World’s Largest Floating Rubber Duck – No, It’s Not a Ship!

Crafted by the renowned Dutch craftsman Florentijn Hofman, the world’s largest floating rubber duck is truly a sight to behold. The artist’s vision is truly inspiring as an everyday common toy is presented before the world as a larger-than-life creation.

A Unique Symbolic Representation

The purpose of the construction of the largest floating rubber duck is quite unique. The creator of the rubber duck explains his creation as an artistic venture that recaptures the essence of one’s ‘childhood.’ Since Florentijn Hofman is known for recreating mundane objects into similarly marvellous artistic vistas, his explanations about his latest creation are regarded to be extremely profound.

largest floating rubber duck
Representation Image

Experts also interpret the floating duck to be an entity that could provide relief from life’s everyday tensions and strains. Indeed when seen closely, the gigantic version of the household toy provides a solacing presence with its calm colour tones. It is for this reason that Hofman has intended to exhibit the floating duck in various locations across the world.

Measuring over 50-feet lengthwise and over 45-feet tall, the cute art-piece is presently moored in the waters of Hong Kong’s Victoria city. Scores of people throng the city’s harbour to catch a glimpse of the inflated duck and then spread the word of its subtle magnificence to the world.

Deflated Splendour

As much as the inflated rubber duck has attracted crowds towards it, its sudden deflation too brought people’s attention in its direction. While the cause of its abrupt deflation still remains unknown, the news garnered worldwide attention within a matter of hours. Speculations surrounded as people from far and wide came up with various reasons for the duck’s deflated splendour.

largest floating rubber duck
Representation Image

The floating duck was however restored to its original grandeur almost promptly and is expected to proceed onwards to complete the rest of its floating journey to the US via the Pacific without any disruptions. The floating duck has visited 13 cities in nine different countries since 2007.

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