The MSV Explorer Sub-Surface Viewing Craft: Explore the Deep Blue Sea

Exploring and enjoying the underwater marine life requires professional quality equipments or else the whole expedition might turn out to be an unpleasant experience. If you one of those who adore the blue world beneath the sea water surface, then the MSV Explorer Sub-surface is the right thing for you.

The MSV Explorer Sub-surface viewing craft is a specially designed submersible vehicle to explore the underwater life at sea. The whole system consists of two main parts – a pod shaped submersible and a 13 meter lifting catamaran.

The 12 passengers plus crew SP02 Catamaran is used for launching and recovery of the easy- to-control pod-shaped catamaran.

The submersible is highly manoeuvrable and can be easily controlled by single or dual joysticks. It can even be remotely controlled from the catamaran. Easy and quick controls are the salient points of the submersible, which can rotate 360 degrees on its own axis and has a capacity of 7.5 hours at full speed. The submersible provides an unrestricted view of the underwater life through its acrylic cockpit and comes with options of propulsion system.

The explorer has been designed by the British Inventor Chris Garner.


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