A Cargo Container Turned into a Working Guitar

In a never seen before feat, a cargo container has reached new heights of utility. Artists Marcelo Ertorteguy, Takahiro Fukuda and Sara Valente salvaged a cargo container by converting into a giant guitar, complete with strings and tuning pegs.

This giant guitar is not just an architectural marvel but a practical way for music lovers to experience a true guitar feeling by experiencing insides of a guitar. The container has been turned into the musical instrument by means of eight strings attached in half twist design.

These strings are held in place by means of a vertical rod placed at the entrance of the container. The tuning pegs have been provided at the vertical end of the container. This allows people to actually alter the scale of this novel instrument. But that’s not all. The artists, apparently, wanted to provide their visitors a complete musical experience.

The strings are made of radium like material that allows them to glow in dark. This makes for a very moving experience for people who visit this cargo guitar and see the strings making music, quite literally. The ¼ inch input jacks allow this guitar to be connected to suitable amplifiers, turning it into a complete electric guitar.

The idea of the design was to make use of a cargo container and provide a way for music lovers to not just enjoy music but to experience it. The novelty and brilliance of this idea has earned the unique instrument an award in Art in a Container International Competition.

This massive cargo guitar has been placed in Kobe Biennale in Japan where it will remain open for display for rest of the month.

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