13 Ship-Themed Buildings Around the World

Ship-themed buildings are fascinating works of architecture we all love. If you hail from the maritime industry, coming across ship-shaped structures on land evokes a feeling of nostalgia or a sense of belonging which brings you closer to your profession.

Seafarers (At least a majority of them) love to have their houses designed and decorated like the ships they work on. They also love to visit places on land which make them connect to their profession in any way possible.

In this article, we have taken the amazing recycled ship houses a step further. If you are one of those who like everything nautical, make sure to visit these amazing ship-themed buildings if you every go to that part of the world.

1. Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8 Ost, a centre in Bremerhaven, Germany – The Climate House 8 ° East is a ship-shaped scientific exhibition center in Bremerhaven and offers its visitors the possibility of a virtual trip around the world along the 8th eastern longitude .

Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8 Ost
Image Credits: Klimahaus Bremerhaven on Facebook


2. Coca-Cola Building, Los Angeles, California – The Coca-Cola Building is a Coca-Cola bottling plant modeled as a Streamline Moderne building designed by architect Robert V. Derrah with the appearance of a ship with portholes, catwalk and a bridge.

Coca-Cola Building
Image Credits: Floyd B. Bariscale

3. Safety First Shiphaus, Batuan, Bohol, Philippines – A ship-shaped housed in Philippines. The owners seem to be real believers of “safety-first” on ships.

Safety First Shiphaus
Image Credits: ShipHaus Facebook Page

4. Ministry of Defense Building in Abuja, Nigeria: The Ministry of Defence building in the “Aso Rock” district of Abuja. Also known locally as “Ship House” due to its flamboyant design.

Ministry of Defense building in Abuja
Representation Image

5. The House of Five Continents, Antwerpen, Belgium

The House of Five Continents building was commissioned by the shipbuilder P. Rouis who added a ship’s bow to the original design of the architect, F. Smet-Verhas. This remarkable feature has given the houses the nickname ‘the little boat’.

The House of Five Continents
Image Credits: Truus

6. A house in Fernandina Beach, Florida – A house in the shape of ship somewhere in Fernandina Beach, Florida

A house in Fernandina Beach
Image Credits: Debra Jane Seltzer

7. A Ship House between Fier and Berat in Albania – A beautiful house somewhere in Albania.

A Ship House between Fier and Berat in Albania
Image Credits: Atlas Obscura

8. A Villa in Marseille, France – A ship-themed Villa in Marseille, France.

A villa in Marseille
Image Credits: Haynes World

9. A Ship House in Derrynane Beach, Ireland

A Ship House in Derrynane Beach, Ireland
Image Credits: Doug Jackson Photography

10. Somewhere in Croatia

Somewhere in Croatia
Image Credits: Strange Buildings

11. A Ship Restaurant, Chengdu, China

A Ship Restaurant, Chengdu, China
Image Credits: Babsworld/TravelPod

12. Aquatic Park Bathhouse Building (now the San Francisco Maritime Museum), San Francisco, California

Aquatic Park Bathhouse Building (now the San Francisco Maritime Museum), San Francisco, California
Image Credits: Nathan Rupert


13. The Sun Cruise Resort, South Korea

Image credits: itduniya.com
Image credits: itduniya.com

Do you know about any other ship-themed buildings? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Check out the main office building of STX shipyard in Jinhae, S.Korea. It is a ship shaped building.

  2. I see you have none of the ship like buildings from Dubai, there is the port authority building in Port Rasid, I have not got a photo on hand at the moment but if I find one I will pass it on

  3. Academic and Administrative block of a Maritime Academy of Nigeria Oron, is constructed in ship structure!

  4. Hi

    Please see the weblink. That is a ship like built hotel, does not sail – no engine:)


  5. The aquarium at Nha Trang, Vietnam. It’s themed like something out of The Pirates of the Caribbean…

  6. I invite you to see house ship built in Maracaibo,Venezuela. The house owner is a Captain from merchant marine.

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